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Everything you need for production management in one place

Complete business headquarters on a single platform. Save time, make decisions based on more accurate information, control and synchronize all business processes naturally and easily.

Comprehensive management of production, inventory, standards, requirements, customers, purchases

Inventory management - sales, purchasing, warehouse transfer, inventory adjustment.

Real-time shipping rates, complete fulfilment management

Sales management - order, offer, credit note, customer list

Purchasing Management, Purchase Return, Vendor Catalog, Default Product Vendor.

Track revenue, profit, top products, top customers, new customers, lost customers, delivery speed, slow moving stock..

Easy invoicing, multiple invoices per sales order, invoice maturity.

Beautiful design and top performance, easy setup, design and editing, advanced functionality, SEO optimization.

A solution that suits your business.

Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment and Manufacturing

Our seamless BigCommerce integration allows you to manage online sales effortlessly and provide exceptional service from production to delivery.Start selling online and send purchase orders directly to your suppliers. Offer pick-up or delivery - no matter what kind of business you do.
Increase in productivity

Manufacturers use Streamlined to automate repetitive tasks and minimizing production costs

10 Days
Implementation Time

Implementing Streamlined is fast. Whether on your own or with the help of our dedicated onboarding team

Procurement and Inventory planning

Streamlined offers complete purchasing solution to maintain incoming shipments. It also offers automatic inventory forecasting. Using your sales history, we can accurately calculate dynamic reorder points that predict the best time to stock.

Easy registration & setup

Free support and guidance through the setup process

Start selling within a day.
Streamlined kontrolni panel

Easy to set up, Easy to use

Streamlined enables advanced and complete business tracking in a simple and intuitive way.

Save money

Save on delivery, purchasing, sales, storage. Take advantage of advanced reports and seize new opportunities.

Flawless support

Streamlined experts available at any time within your working hours via chat, email or phone.

Why Streamlined ?

A Data Driven Inventory Management Solution

Eliminate speculation and manual actions from tracking your inventory. Instead, quickly update all your products in one place and easily control your inventory in multiple warehouses. No more days of reviewing inventory levels in multiple sources.

Streamlined software has advanced multi-warehouse inventory management capabilities that allow you to coordinate your inventory across all of your warehouses, locations, and online sales channels, ensuring that your inventory is managed efficiently and effectively, no matter where it is located.

Purchasing Management, Purchase Return, Vendor Catalog, Default Product Vendor.

Real-time shipping rates, complete fulfilment management

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